Track & Trace Parcel

Obtain a individual monitoring link to monitor delivery from Toll, One World, First Flight, Zinc, Naqel or any other carrier.

Supported Couriers

This delivery monitoring service supports about 505 carriers, including Hermes, Aramex, Ekart, TNT, SPSR and similar.

Shipment Messages

Get direct alerts about status updates of the shipment via WeChat, Tencent QQ, Facebook, Telegram, E-mail and etc.

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How do you monitor BangGood parcel?

Whatever the web store or the marketplace you have purchased, you can always track the entire route of the goods with our order tracking service. What's extremely convinient about the website is that you need only your tracking code and nothing at all else. You don't have to know or guess your courier, manually track & trace shipment with multiple postal services, translate tracking info from worldwide providers and so on. Simply type your BangGood tracking code in the form at the top of this service and click Trace button.

Trace order from China Postal

The most popular feature of this site is China Postal Service tracking. Such shipments also could be shipped with BangGood, YUTENG, EspeedPost, FBL, Cosco Shipping Air, VIVOCARGO and many other service providers that send parcels via China Postal. And most importantly, everything about the parcel is provided in English language.

How to monitor the worldwide order?

Monitoring worldwide packages often can be not easy. You would need to find out which carrier will handle the delivery, after that which regional courier organization will finish it. After that, you would need to track the order separately on the websites of particular couriers. With this tracking web site you don't need to get worried regarding all of the above. You'll get all existing info compiled from all of the websites it might be at in one website: full history, actual delivery country and status etc. You can be sure your package tracking status is definitely current.

Global package monitoring

Tracking of a global parcel is as easy seeing that any other one. This order monitoring service contains a lot more than 505 service providers, and in case your order was somehow sent with an unrecognized postal service, we will get noticed of this and add the needed maintain to our parcel tracking website.

DHL Global tracking

DHL Global Mail is most proficient at shipment of small packages. The reduced cost is attained by DHL Mail dealing with local postal services,including BangGood, Toll, One World, First Flight, Zinc, Naqel, in different areas to obtain shipment to DHL Mail center. After order arrival towards the destination area, DHL send it to regional service provider.

Realtime tracking messages

Need to open the website on the PC or phone usually? Realtime order alerts can perfectly solve your trouble and discharge your difficulty. After buying goods on the web we often can't stop tracking "Where is my shipment?". The waiting for parcel is often boring, but the web site will make it more fun.

Order monitoring in USA

Nearly all order going to or from United States are maintained by USPS. Other major couriers consist of BangGood, FedEx and UPS. But recently some new postal services appeared available on the market, and it's likely you have to imagine which one managed your parcels. By using our package monitoring web site, you will be protected of such inconvenience. The package tracking webservice automatically identify almost all those couriers.